What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

A company's sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates. Companies express this citizenship through their waste and pollution reduction processes by contributing educational and social programs, and by earning adequate returns on the employed resources.

According to Webster, sustainability means:

1- Able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed

2- Involving methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources


As it relates to corporate social responsibility, sustainability means managing a business  using sustainable methods:

1- Methods that will not deplete,  destroy, or completely use up natural resources

2- Methods that can persist over long periods of  time

3- Methods that are able to last perpetually

Our CSR activities are rooted in the knowledge that businesses have a duty to enable all living beings to get a fair share of the planet's resources:

Businesses are powerful constituents of society and the most successful, respected, and desirable businesses exist to do much more than make money; they exist to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. The culture of giving back flows in our Real Time Renewables. Our company is involved in a variety of social responsibility activities. Real Time Renewables’ social activities relates to health, primary education, skills training and entrepreneurship, livelihoods, women empowerment and strengthening services for the differently-abled.We at Real Time Renewables believe that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a critical mission that is at the heart of everything. Our team is committed to integrate environmental,social and ethical principles into the core business. RTR’s CSR programmes aim to be relevant to local, national and global contexts, keep disadvantaged communities as the focus, be based on globally-agreed sustainable development principles and be implemented in partnership with governments, NGOs and other relevant stakeholders.The CSR approach adopted envisages that the team evolves and executes strategies to support communities in partnership with governments, civil society and relevant stakeholders. Key to this approach is our employees who generously give of their time,experience and talent to serve communities; group companies encourage and facilitate them to do so.