Solid waste management

‘Harmonizing The Ecology with Effective Waste Management Solutions’

Due to the rapid urbanisation and the exuberance to win the global GDP race, most of the cities in India are facing massive challenges like environment degradation, poor air quality, congestion and improper waste management. Not surprisingly, Swachh Bharath Abhiyaan and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) have taken the centre stage in our country and the importance of efficient waste management and pollution control can never be over stated. However, the mammoth task of waste management cannot be tackled by policy making only. It is vitally critical that holistic end to end sustainable solutions are provided to ensure success of the mission.


    1- Waste Generation Rate Studies

    2- Landfill Capacity Analyses

    3- Solid Waste Facility Design

    4- Recycling Programs

    5- Solid Waste Facility Permitting

    6- Waste Facility Construction Administration

    7- Environmental Monitorings

    8- Comprehensive Solid Waste Planning


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