Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

‘Give your water another chance, let’s close the loop.’

Raw water

Municipal waste/Sewage water

Treated Industrial Effluents

Hospital waste water

Agricultural runoff

Storm water discharge

Eutrophication of water bodies

Replenish groundwater

Sewage disposal issues

Sludge disposal

Prevent health hazards

Recycle nutrients to the soil

Irrigation water supply

Polluted rivers

Nature Based Systems- designed after careful review of nature’s disposal mechanism in comparison with traditional and conventional sewage treatment techniques. The treatment plant consists of raw water tank, bio filter bed, raw water dispensing pipe network, pumps with control and treated water tank.



1-Efficient removal of BOD, COD and Pathogens

2-Odorless and hassle-free operation

3-Low Life Cycle Cost; Long Life

4-Minimal Energy Consumption (0.03 to 0.05 kWh/m3)

5-Tolerates high fluctuation flows

6-Low Operating Cost-minimal maintenance (No moving parts, No Chemicals, No skilled manpower)

7-Reusable Water Output; Builds Water Security

8-No Sludge generation

9-Great aesthetic quality-green garden


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