Our Services

Real Time Renewables Pvt. Ltd. offers a green biological purification engine using a natural, novel high efficiency oxidation process. Geo Green Bio Filter (GBF) is a natural way of purifying wastewater to produce useable water for different applications.

We at Real Time Renewables provide one-stop turnkey RWH systems tailored to the client’s need and their budget. With a team of talented engineers trained and certified by Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi we have become a household name in this sector.

Real Time Renewables’ also provides EIA and EMP services. We are involved in water security study and water balance auditing where data collection and representation is done for further execution/implementattion of the project

Due to rapid urbanisation and the exuberance to win the global GDP race, most of the cities in India are facing massive challenges like environment degradation, poor air quality, congestion and improper waste management. Real Time Renewables provides solid waste management services at an affordable cost.

Real Time Renewables has strong EPC and consulting experience of more than 50MW of diverse projects of multiple sizes across different states of India. We design, engineer and build turnkey Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Projects for our clients, incorporating best practices across all aspects of engineering, procurement and construction to ensure a long lasting and sustainable project.

Real time Renewables also provides consultancy services where we provide technical expertise of our highly professional team to various organisations. Our clients include organisations such as The World Bank, The Norwegian Cluster and The International Finance Corporation where we have undertaken projects in collaboration with the Govt of UP and the 2030 Water Resources Group.