Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

‘Give your water another chance, close the loop.’

Water is a vital aide for all industries, which can be used for multiple purposes such as cooling, washing, heat exchanging and so on. However, the water used by the industries aren’t fully consumed and there is always some waste water released by these outlets which can be harmful for the environment if not discharged properly. It’s this outflow of wastewater which is termed as “Effluent”.Effluent Treatment Plant works to treat & purify the untreated effluent or wastewater that comes from the several manufacturing industries. Different types of manufacturing industries produces different type of effluent or wastewater. Hence, the effluent treatment plant technology is also dependent on the type of effluent to be treated.The Effluent treatment assures safe discharge of treated effluent into the environment by removing grit, dirt, debris, polymers and toxic materials from it. These plants take to evaporation & drying as well as several auxiliary techniques


like centrifuging, filtration, chemical incineration & finally effluent treatment. Real Time Renewables studies the effluent quality from the different types of industries, identifies the best technology to meet the optimum effluent discharge quality standards as set by the respective government agencies and then provide its customers with the best EPC solution for their industry effluent or wastewater.

    1- Residential Rainwater Harvesting

    2- Commercial Rainwater Harvesting

    3- Industrial Rainwater Harvesting

  •      1:- Pulp & Paper Manufacturing,
  •      2:- Sugar & Distilleries
  •      3:- Chemical Processing
  •      4:- Slaughterhouse & Meat Processing
  •      5:- Food & Beverage Industries
  •      6:- Cement Industries
  •      7:- Pharmaceuticals and bulk drugs industries
  •      8:- Automobile Industry
  •      9:- Electroplating Industries
  •      10:- Textile Industries
  •      11:- Tannery Industries
  •      12:- Dye & Dye Intermediaries
  •      13:- Edible Oil Refineries
  •      14:- Aquaculture
  •      15:- Power Industry
  •      16:- Oil & Gas

  •      1:- Customisation of ETP Plant as per the client's requirements
  •      2:- Lowest Operation and Maintenance cost
  •      3:- Easy installation and operation
  •      4:- Superior in Quality and high in performance
  •      5:- Regulatory approved technology based on international standards.
  •      6:- Fully automated and less manpower required
  •      7:- Ideal for Remote locations with less space
  •      8:- Zero Discharge System
  •      9:- Cold climate nitrification/denitrification
  •      10:- Durable UV resistant HDPE biofilm carriers.
  •      11:- Removes suspended solids & biodegradable Organic matter, solids content like rags, sticks, grit, grease etc


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